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The project will explore the history of first Indian suffragette, the Princess Sophia Duleep Singh’s life from birth to her death in 1948. Princess Sofia Duleep Singh. This project will introduce, in Redbridge, the history of struggles of Princess Sophia Duleep Singh to get woman’s right to vote with a very intriguing element of Indian women who played a vital role to achieve this goal. Her ancestors belonged to Lahore, now in Pakistan. It marks women’s suffrage centenary in 2018.  In this project we will visit research sites i.e Museums, Heritage Centres.  We will conduct interviews of Bangladeshi, Pakistani and Indian women.  We will publish a small booklet with our research and have a small exhbition displaying our findings.

We will explore the history of Princess Sophia Duleep Singh through:

•             Fifteen - twenty oral histories of women living in Redbridge from South Asia

•             Research in the local archive at Redbridge Heritage Centre and British Library for the period from 1876 – 1948.

Our Oral history will look at how women from Pakistan in Redbridge have or have not exerted their voting rights, the life history of Princess Sophia Duleep Singh, urban and rural women’s attitude to voting.

Our interviews will look into struggles of women of Pakistan who cannot cast votes as their men folk don’t allow them to vote comparing with the Suffragettes' movement and the reasons why men folk were against the rights of women to vote in Britain.

This project will share our heritage with South Asian communities and general public thus raising an awareness of Princes Sophia Duleep Singh, who would play a part in giving incentive and courage to Redbridge women to become more vocal and becoming more active in local area/community.



Let's Work Together

This is a dressmaking project for women who want to learn a transferable skills which they can to their daughters or anyone.  In this project they have 3 hours sessions once a week.  They are putting their work in their folders which will be display at the end of this project. They are also being instructed about how to startup their own little business using their skills.  The course consists of:

How to take correct measurements

Construct a pattern using the measurements

Cut their costumes

Sewing by machine

completing the costumes

Venue: The Parish Centre, 326 High Road

Ilford, Essex IG1 1QP

Every Thursday 12 - 3


Knit & Natter

Knit & Natter is a new project starting up funded through The Health Lottery and People's Health Trust. The duration is 3 hours long.  In the first hour we have yoga sessions from 11- 12.  From 12 - 1 pm we sit, relax and chat and do knitting, embroidery etc.  In the final hour from 1 - 2 we serve hot lunch for our participants which is cooked on the site.


health logos.png

Yoga Sessions

We are running two yoga groups for women by qualified lady instructors in Borough of Redbridge.

The charges for each session is £2.00.

The venues are as below:

We run our yoga sessions at this centre:


Cardinal Heenan Centre

326 High Road




Tuesdays 11:00am to 12:00 noon

Project Of the Past

Our group in Seven Kings has now ended. It developed further and did well. We introduced yoga to 20 new women in Seven Kings area.

St. Johns Church

St. Johns Road


Mondays 1:00pm to 2:00pm




In summer we arrange barbecues at Our Loxford allotment. We take out weeds, prepare the ground for vegetables, fruits and herbs.


We usually have good crops of potatoes, runner beans, cucumber, courgettes, peas, strawberries and raspberries.

Loxford Allotment

We are running an allotment for our group at Loxford allotment. Small groups of women go there to grow fruits and vegetables.

We also have barbecues. We normally go there on Wednesdays in small groups of women. We have good crops of potatoes, trawberries, raspberries, runner beans, aubergines, onions and courgettes.


Health Talks


We have health talks on various ailments and diseases to raise awareness among women especially Asian women. During 2015 we had awareness sessions on Diabetes, TB, Breast Cancer, Bowl Cancer, stroke, Alzheimers and mental health depression and nutrition.

Ladies Social Club


Our Club runs on Tuesdays at 12:00 noon to 2:00pm at the Cardinal Heenan Centre.

We provide a friendly platform for friendship, relaxation and relief of depression. We welcome all women of all ages.

We serve hot meals at 1:00pm.

Cardinal Heenan Centre

326 High Road



Tuesdays 11:00am to 12:00 noon

Day Trips

We arrange various day trips to beaches and other places. We have explored many sites which are reachable in one day. We are now researching for new places which we can visit in Summer 2016.





Talking Fashion

Project Of the Past


Do you want to improve your spoken English and learn dressmaking skills?


We have arranged eight sessions in the Central Library which will run on Thursdays at 1:00pm to 2:30pm from 21.01.2016 to 17.03.2016.


We request donation of £3 each session which will go to MWWA. Contact Shahida on 020 8215 4949.


We intend to continue this project. If you are interested then you should enroll at Ilford Central Library.  This project is on-going.


Trips to Museums and Libraries

Project Of the Past

We take small groups of women to museums, libraries and parks for our informative trips. Some women do not travel by public transport. Trips like these offer practice run for them as they become more confident in travelling by public transport a bit further from their local areas.


Help & Support for Women

If you need help and support of any kind then please call our office and make an appointment to see the manager. We will try to help all we can or we will refer you to the right department. You can leave a message on our answering machine.

Office Tel. No.: 0208 215 4949

Coming Together


Project of the past

Visit to Brick Lane

Coming Together explores the similarities 

and differences of culture and heritage

between people of Bangladeshi and 

Pakistani heritage who live in the

London Borough of Redbridge. In the

last ten years, Bangladeshis have

moved  from London's East End to

Redbridge and now live alongside an

established Pakistani community. Bangla-

desh was formed in 1971 after a war

between West and East 

Pakistan and so both communities have historic ties. We wish to map the process of suburbanisation and discover the history of the two groups in the local area.

Project participants will research London and Redbridge's historical links with Bengal, visit sites of relevant historic interest such as Valentines Mansion (Ilford) and Brick Lane in the east end, learn new heritage skills, film oral history interviews with local people, create a "Scrapbook of Memories" to record 

the heritage and help produce a final exhibition.
This will be one of the first studies to chart the growing presence of Bangladeshis in Redbridge and share their heritage with a wider audience.

We hope the project will raise an awareness and understanding between both communities

and the wider public, and help Redbridge to become a more harmonious place to live in.

This Project is in Partnership with Redbridge Museum. 

Funded by Heritage Lottery Fund.


Closed on 30th April 2018


Visit to Valentine Mansion

Big Fish in Brick Lane Shop

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