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Manager says:

Our project is primarily aimed at South East Asian/Muslim women from all nationalities because this group of people are under represented and under resourced in a wide range of employment skills. When I commenced our Computer Classes/other activities in order to deliver these services it was imperative to identify and establish a base to operate and set up the whole project. All local organizations and departments of the Borough of Redbridge Council were informed. We started operating from our base at Cardinal Heenan Centre. We have extended our services by piloting our Luncheon Club. I am happy with the progress we have made so far. Ladies come for yoga for 1 hour and after we serve hot meal which we  prepare on the site. We have extended our yoga groups. I introduce nominal charges for yoga and hot meals which contribute towards our costs. We also go on trips every Summer with a big group on coach. 

Shahida Sarwar




Recent Activities

TB Awareness Talk

Muslim Women's Welfare Association held a TB awareness talk on 13th November 2018 at The Parish Centre.  The talk was delivered by Madeeha of Redbridge CVS.  A short video was shown in English and Urdu.  The talk was attended by twenty five women.  


MWWA Manager Birthday


The group enjoyed the birthday celebrations with a cake and meal.

The manager blew out the candles and wished a very happy birthday.

The manager received a lot of presents and thoroughly enjoyed the day.


Fan Museum

Dress Me Nice


The women attend group classes every Thursday called "Dress Me Nice" where the women learn how to create beautiful and creative designs from scratch, then finalize and complete a dress. It is held weekly at 12pm-3pm

Parish Centre

326 High Road





Afternoon Tea At Best Western Hotel

Shahida Sarwar, project manager took 18 members of MWWA to the above hotel for afternoon tea on 23rd January 2019 at Cranbrook road, Ilford. It was quite enjoyable afternoon tea and ladies particularly liked to venue which was accessible by walk and by bus 



The groups had fun on the beach and enjoyed their day out in Broadstairs. They ate, sat on the beach and enjoyed the spectacular views. The local shops were very delightful to visit.


Coming Together Display - Ilford Library

Here lies the Coming Together Display in Ilford Museum. The group had worked very hard to collect images and all information in regards to the project. The Scrapbook is on display with information about the history and rich cultural aspects and traditional similarities between the nations hence the name "Coming Together"

Working on Coming Together

The group are working on the Coming Together Scrapbook. Which involved decorating, sticking pictures, writing, stenciling and discussing what ideas should be included in book.

Kolachi Restaurant

The group enjoyed their dinner at Kolachi Resturant

Sky Garden - Fenchurch Street

Dinner at Spice Village

A group of ladies went to eat Dinner at the restaurant Spice Village. The group had a very good time and thoroughly enjoyed eating, talking and felt very relaxed throughout the evening.

Luncheon Club - Every Tuesday Afternoon

Here are some of the dishes that are prepared by the cooks in the Luncheon Club. The dishes include, Chicken Curry, Vegetable Curry, Chick Pea Curry, Salad & Pitta Bread (Naan).

Central London - 20/09/17

The group had a lot of fun at Central London where they took a hop on hop off tour bus and saw all the iconic locations of London.

The bus took them to all the special  locations where tourists and locals alike must see. These include Tower Bridge, Big-Ben, Embankment, Trafalgar Square and many other locations that appeal to customers.

Kew Gardens - 24/08/17

Most of the group are already from London but when you are a citizen of the country you don't take the time to see all the landmarks that the country has to offer. Tourists take the opportunity to visit all the historical and most attractive destinations the city has to offer.

A group of MWWA members went to Kew Gardens on 24th August 2017. They spent all day and had a lot of fun. They managed to see a lot. They particularly enjoyed 'Tree top Walk' which was a bit scary at first and then it was fun.Treetop Walk is built near the huge tree tops. A walking platform in circular shape amongst very tall trees. We took a lift to go up and come down.  We also went up the spiral stairs in the Glass house where they have tropical plants. It was very humid in there. We saw some unusual plants. There was a rose garden with different colour of roses. We managed to see some fresh roses although the season is finishing.

Margate - 11/08/17

Guests arriving at Dreamland, Margate

Slot machines inside the games area. These slot machines have been around for decades and are very iconic in British Culture. 

60th Rifles Memorial to Indian Mutiny, Dover

The group really enjoyed themselves in Margate where they visited the beach, had a stroll on the high street and even visited the lovely Dreamland amusement park. 

The group standing in front of the Big Wheel of Dreamland.You can also see part of the Scenic Railway which is a wooden roller-coaster that was built in the 1920's.

Dover Beach - 27/07/17

Eid Party - 11/07/17

MWWA Mayoral Visit 

Women gathered up at the centre to celebrate Eid with dinner and cake.

MWWA Manager Shahida Sarwar standing next to friend and Rhonda Brookes of Redbridge Library.

Somali Welfare Trust Mayoral Visit - 12/07/17

Mayor Linda Hugget alongside MWWA Manager Shahida Sarwar and other guests. 

The mayor of Redbridge Gurdial Bhamra was invited to our end of project event of Happy Community Project in March 2017

Redbridge Heritage Centre, Central Library - 10/08/16

Valentines Mansion - 22/09/16

BRICK LANE WALK - 21/07/16

This lecture was facilitated by Georgina Green 

As part of our Heritage Project “Coming Together” we decided to take a walk down Brick Lane. We partnered with Swadhinata Trust who helped us on the day. “Coming Together” explores the similarities and differences of culture between people of Bangladeshi and  Pakistani heritage who live in the London Borough of Redbridge. In the last ten years,   Bangladeshi’s have moved from London’s East End to Redbridge and now live alongside an established Pakistani community. Bangladesh was formed in 1971 after a war between West & East Pakistan and so both communities have historic ties.

Felixstowe Beach, Suffolk


We also visited Felixstowe beach in Suffolk. We travelled by coach with a mixed group. Everyone had a great time and really enjoyed the day. There was an old fort there called Languard Fort where many historical battles took place. Partly built by Henry VIII in 1543 the Fort saw many battles including the Dutch Wars. 


Deal Beach, Kent


We recently took two coaches to Deal Beach in Kent. It was a nice day and the weather was good. The beach was lovely and is made of pebbles. The ocean shore looked breath-taking as we sat and gazed onto the shores of a very distant France. There were many attractions in the area, including Deal Castle, Funfairs, Cafe’s, restaurants and many other interesting places.

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